active investor でないなら index funds


Fortune にこんなのあったから読んでみた。→"What Warren thinks."

Q;What advice would you give to someone who is not a professional investor? Where should they put their money ?

Buffett’s answer
"Well, if they’re not going to be an active investor – and very few should try to do that – then they should just stay with index funds.
Any low-cost index fund. And they should buy it over time.
They’re not going to be able to pick the right price and the right time.
What they want to do is avoid the wrong price and wrong stock.
You just make sure you own a piece of American business, and you don’t buy all at one time."

"very few should try to do" でも個別株投資許してくれるみたいデス。

"There’s only two things you can do wrong: You can buy the wrong ones, and you can buy or sell them at the wrong time. And the truth is you never need to sell them, basically."

"The only way an investor can get killed is by high fees or by trying to outsmart the market."